's all in the details.

Welcome to our store.  We specialize in CUSTOM and PERSONALIZED tumblers, wine tumblers, coffee mugs, water many options.

All of our products are double-wall stainless steel, and will keep liquids hot or cold for hours.  Most tumblers come with a sliding or flip-top lid and reusable straw.  Please let us know if you are looking for a certain item...we may be able to help.

Multiple sizes are available:  

20-, 30-, 35-ounce Skinny style tumbler with screw-on flip top lid

20-ounce beer mug style

10- and 14-ounce coffee mug with handle

18-, 25-, 32- and 40-ounce Hydrosport water bottle with flip-top lid and straw

24-, 32- and 64- ounce water bottle style Ozark Trail

17-ounce water bottle with push-top, leakproof lid

25-ounce wine bottle

14-ounce wine tumblers (no lid available)

8-ounce baby bottles (with optional Sippy attachment)

8- and 14-ounce Sippy style cup

20- and 30-ounce Modern Curve tumbler with screw-on, leakproof lid

MANY other styles are available, just ask.


Double-Wall, Stainless Steel Tumblers are:

*NOT Dishwasher Safe

*NOT Microwave Safe

*Hand Wash Only.  Please, do not soak or scrub

*No Excessive Heat


Each tumbler is hand-painted, so there won’t be two that are exactly alike.  They may be similar, but not exact.  Slight imperfections may exist, but they just add to the character, they do not detract.  All tumblers are sealed with high quality epoxy.  Our tumbler care instructions and logo are sealed onto the bottom of the tumbler.  If you are opposed to the logo, there is a surcharge of $10.

Once fully-cured, your tumbler is food safe, and heat rated to about 500 degrees.  If you have a special request—send us a note, let’s see what we can come up with.  Let’s get creative!

We use high quality paints, inks, glitter, pearl-essence and epoxy.  Decals are sealed under an additional coat of epoxy.

Custom and/or Personalized orders are not eligible for return.  

Personalized orders may take an additional day or two to fully cure before being shipped.  We will keep you informed of the progress.  We do NOT ship orders on Saturdays--simply put, we are in SW Florida and it gets very warm here.  If your order is shipped on a Saturday, there is a chance that it will be left in a truck, in the heat as it awaits transfer.  We prefer not to take the chance of risking damage to your custom piece.  If you must have your order by a certain date, please inform us, we will make necessary arrangements.

Thank you for visiting our shop.  Enjoy your day!